Illuminations – Coloured Plates

Only Gaze A While Longer


Only Gaze A While Longer

The photographs of Rob Nypels seem to have no other orientation or organizational structure than that of the sun’s position and the water’s current. They are colourful and lovely, but not paradisal.

— Els Barents

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Of nature portraiture and cityscapes

Nypels’ work has been described as romantic, as a re-interpretation of the photographic landscape, but I can’t help thinking that this closeness to his environment and the objects he photographs actually translates into nature portraiture.

— Caridad Botella

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The Beginning Of Something Infinite

Every photo by Rob Nypels embodies an atmosphere of tender tranquillity. And every photo is also an ode to the casual, the transient, in some cases the commonplace.

— Joost Zwagerman

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Even wezenlijk als ademen

Dwalend door de landschappen van Rob Nypels wordt ik overvallen door een pijnlijke melancholie. Alsof ik kijk door betraande ogen. De natuur die hij registreert is de natuur waarmee hij leeft.

— Lise Lotte ten Voorde

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